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Best VR Porn: It will blow your mind!

Everybody talks about it. Virtual Reality Porn. What is behind these three words? Just a short trend like Pokémon GO? Definitely not. VR Porn has revolutionized the sex industry like nothing in the last 100 years. First I did not believe it: How can the so-called Virtual Reality change my life? Read my story and you will know it!

Well, first of all we take a look at Blondie Fesser baking great cookies for you.

You like it? I LOVE full-length VR Porn like this! Let’s come back to my story:

It is Saturday night and I am alone. My date did not come, because she did not feel well. You know, what that means. She has fallen for another guy. Normally I would get in a bad mood, but a good friend invited me to his home. He said: “Chill, bro. You need VR Porn right now. Take my VR headset and try it out!” I did what he said. Wooow, that was my BEST sex experience ever!

I never thought VR Porn could be so great. Generally, I was no big fan of virtual sex, but I changed my view after one video. The technology convinced me completely. For 20 minutes I was in a “sexy” world – it felt realer than reality! Do you want to have this experience, too? No problem! Here is my guide, how you should start with Virtual Reality Porn:

  1. Get a free VR headset at BaDoinkVR!
  2. Make sure, that nobody is watching you.
  3. Equipment: At the beginning is a smartphone (Android 4.1 / iPhone 5) more than enough. Later you can buy a Samsung Gear VR or a Oculus Rift.
  4. Sign up at the sites, that satisfy your needs. VR Bangers offers great quality.
  5. Yea!!! I am proud of you! Now you can start watching VR Porn movies.

I have a valuable tip for you: Do not waste your time with free content. There are no free sites, because the production of Virtual Reality Porn is too expensive. Only big companies can offer high quality VR Sex videos. I will later tell you more facts about free VR Porn.


What is Virtual Reality Porn?

I have a dream. I want to change the world. It should be a better place. That’s why I created this VR Porn blog. My oldest dream was to bang Misty from Pokémon. I can proudly say, that I did it with the help of the VR Porn site HoloGirlsVR and found lots of information about VR Porn at VRPornMania. Are you looking for a way to make your dreams come true? Virtual Reality permits you unimagined possibilities.

In the good old times you had a magazine… and your hand. You know, what I want to say. “Normal” sex is easy and boring! It is every time the same thing. But this is the past: The triumphal march of VR Porn has begun. Now you can feel a sense of intimacy because the porn star stands in front of you. It’s like she is real! She gives you a smile or a cheeky grin and you think “woooooow”.

Pictures can’t move but VR Porn can! The sexy lady stand in front of you and your brain tells you, that you can touch her. This is the power of VR Porn! Do you ever had this feeling with your hand?

It is like she is gonna touch you right now. You are the happiest person in the world! It does not matter, if you are a man or a woman. For both it is a unique experience. You want proof? No problem: I lent my VR headset to a few girlfriends. They do not liked it – they loved it! Katy told me, that “VR Porn is better than sex with her lover”. I am not her lover, thus her words do not hurt me. But I can feel with her: For me VR Porn was a hotter erotic experience, than sex with 99 % of all girls! Believe me… I had mind blowing sex with BURNING HOT women!!! But Virtual Reality Porn is an even higher level. It has nothing to do with “normal” porn.

When you look at a photo, you have only one direction of view. A little turn with your head and you see nothing. Best VR Porn offers you a 360° experience! You are in a room with this awesome pornstar. If you want, you can stare at her boobs. You can check the flowers on the table. It is your choice, what you want to look at. And this is the magic of Virtual Reality. My quality winner VR Bangers has a lot of 360 degree VR movies!

Another important term is the POV (Point-of-View). This is the perspective of the spectators. Most of the VR Porn movies are filmed in the “I” perspective. They show the position of the man, who have sex with one or a group of women. Fun Fact: During the shooting, the woman has to take the dominant part. That is very good, because I do not want to see other penises. But this is a matter of taste. You get, what you want. A woman can watch a penis down to the smallest detail. If you like gay porn or BBWs, there are VR Porn videos, too.

As I said, you can look into her eyes. You are a real romantic, bro! I prefer to watch her boobies shaking. Yeahhh, I REALLY love that!

For the ultimate experience I recommend you a 360 degree video. You can turn your head wherever you want and this is AWESOME. The second option are 180 degree movies: They allow you to look left and right. For the most people such movies are enough but not for me. I am a total perfectionist and tech-nerd… awwwww 360° VR Porn come to me. ❤


You don’t need a expensive VR headset

Many people think that they have to buy a Oculus Rift for 700 Dollar. Take a deep breath because there is no need to invest so much money.

Actually you get a Virtual Reality headset for free.

I mean it.

VR Porn sites make this offer to get new customers. It’s a win-win situation for both sides: From now on you can watch Virtual Reality Sex and the supplier has another client. Naturally, the quality of a Oculus Rift is better than a free headset. I recommend you to buy such a costly gadget later. If you never have watched VR Porn, you should make that experience as fast as you can.

I’m a fucking tech-nerd: I want to fuck with the best technique! Yet despite the better quality of a Oculus Rift I started with a free VR headset.

The Google Daydream View is a great choice for best VR Porn! You get high quality for less money. It costs $79 which is a low price. I like it more than the Samsung Gear VR.


Virtual Sex for everybody!

I have my own sexual preferences. Who cares? It does not matter, what you are into. Simple reason: VR Porn offers a lot of different categories. Yes, a big part of Virtual Reality Porn involves heterosexual couples. The male point of view is in the foreground. There are movies about BBWs, Gays, Group Sex, Lesbians, Masturbation, MILFs and from the woman’s perspective. Considering the industry is relatively new, the choice is unbelievable. You see, this “new” world is an erotic paradise! I can not live without it anymore. DAMN, my mind is captured in VR Porn – and I LOVE it!

Virtual Reality Porn conveys a new form of passion. It is more lively! The difference between normal porn and VR Sex is extreme. You do not believe me? That is OK. I would not trust a stranger, too. So you have to make your own experience. Here is BaDoinkVR the best choice for the beginning.

According to analysts, the industry will grow to 1 billion dollars by 2025. This is the expected annual turnover. A great mountain of money! Best VR Sex is more than a trend, it is the future. You can already enjoy this fantastic experience today.


❤ Yes, VR Porn sites are worth the money ❤

Free content is rare and almost in bad quality. You would not have fun with these VR Porn movies. A professional porn site is the best choice. Most of the scenes are filmed in 180 degrees and the reason is simple: When I watch a movie, I lie on my back. What happens behind me, is not in my interest. Sometimes I need the ultimate VR Sex experience: Than I watch a 360 degree movie!

VR Porn sites give me all the things I need – boobs, boobs and boooobs!

I have written reviews of the best VR Porn sites to make your choice easier. BaDoinkVR, VirtualRealPorn or WankzVR, the list of websites is infinitely long. Good that you find my three VR Porn winners at the top of this article!

Some people have concerns about their safety. They fear for their anonymity. Do not worry about that because you can pay 100 % save with CCBill or Epoch. Of course there are other payment options, too. Virtual Reality Porn is cheap and safely – even my girlfriend did not know about it, until I told her. Nobody will discover your secret preferences.


I want free VR Porn

“Why I have to pay for virtual sex? When I go to a club there are free chicks, too.” This were my first thoughts about paying for porn in the Internet.

Sorry bro, no chance to get free Virtual Reality Porn. There are a few clips.. but forget them. You won’t have fun with them, this is my conclusion. If I had some clips, I would tell you my sources. Damn, there is no good free VR Porn! I understand, when you are concerned about paying for movies. Good news for you: VR Porn sites like BaDoinkVR are quite cheap! You can use a one-time email to preserve the anonymity.

I searched for free VR Porn sites. After a long time I found some websites and they had a virus! You don’t want malware or similar shit on your computer. A subscription is easy and 100 % safely!

Trust me: You want these girls but you can’t get them for free. I have read somewhere that producing best Virtual Reality Sex costs over 5.000 Dollar per scene – normal porn “only” 2.000 Dollar. That’s a lot of money! The porn website can’t offer you free stuff because of the high production costs. It is very complicated to produce VR Porn like you can see in this documentation:

Now you know that there can’t be high-quality VR Porn movies for no money. Due to the difficult production, there is no good free Virtual Reality Porn. Don’t get in panic. I have a wonderful offer for you:

Insider tip: BaDoinkVR has a 1 Dollar trial!


What’s about VR Porn for women?

My girlfriend is very sad because there is no good porn for her. The normal scenes are boring and don’t satisfy her needs. She rarely gets an orgasm. Fortunately there is Virtual Reality Porn for women! I’m a gentleman and want the best for my lady. Therefore I lent my VR headset to allow her a new sexual experience.

That was… (gasping for air) incredible!

I was very proud to hear these words. In a relationship you have to try out new things. Don’t let fear stop you from doing that: Yes, VR Sex is an unusual experience. Just watch Virtual Reality Porn and it will be the greatest thing you have ever done. Most of the movies are from the POV (Point-of-View) of the man. However, it has to be mentioned that there are a lot of Female VR Porn videos!

This is a very good example:

The left movie is called “Sweet Dreams” with Juan Lucho and Sienna Day. You can find it on VirtualRealPorn. This handsome guy is licking your body and your fantasies come true!

What is the magic of Virtual Reality? When you put your headset on, you slip into another “I”. You see this strong man (or pretty lady, if you like Lesiban stuff) in front of you. He fulfills your secret dreams and you think everything is real. You never had such good sex with a man? Good for you that you now have VR Porn!

Virtual Reality Sex is the best way to true intimacy. You will have the same feelings like the porn star on the left side. POV Porn for women puts the man in the focus. You see his dick and it feels like he is in you. VR Porn for women is a milestone in porn history! The Female POV was ignored for many years but now you can enjoy it with Virtual Reality. I think, that this “new” perspective will increase the interest of women for sex movies.

Even men can enjoy Lesbian VR Porn! Firstly I didn’t want to watch such a movie – because it’s for girls!!! My girlfriend was very enthusiastic about VR Porn for women and I said to me: “Let’s try out. What can happen?” After a few movies I understood the magic of the female POV and why my sweetheart loves VR Porn sooo much.

You will find exclusive Female POV VR scenes on a few sites like VR Bangers or HoloGirlsVR.


Where can I find full-length VR Porn?

Look at this picture. It has everything what porn needs: Action, excitement and a hot sex queen. Yes, there is full-length VR Porn but it’s rare content.

I’m sick of short clips. My cock is hard and the movie is over. Argh! There is only one way out: Getting a anonymous, cheap and save subsription.

I will explain you why: Virtual Reality Porn is a quite new branch of industry. The costs for a 15-40-minute movie are very high. Professional companies like WankzVR (Game of Moans) invest a lot of money to achieve the perfect result. For this reason there are no free full-length videos. I’m sorry bro, but you have to know the truth. The good thing is, that there is a perfect solution: VR Porn companies offer a cheap membership. You can download all the movies you want. Payment for single videos is not required. Afterwards you own the best full-length VR Porn videos! ❤ I’ve spent many weeks watching these great films, and in the meantime, fresh content has been released.

You want more helpful information?


Virtual Reality Porn is the future!

I love the reactions of people who watch best VR Porn for the first time. In this clip BaDoinkVR interviewed random persons in San Francisco. “This is definitely the future of porn.” Yes, I have the same opinion like the guy in the video.

What are you waiting for?