WankzVR Review

She is the mother of dragons, queen of the Andals and the first of her name. Of course we are talking about Daenerys Targaryen. Do you wanna fuck her like Khal Drogo? Virtual Reality allows you to have this mind-blowing experience! When I watched “Game of Moans” starring Elsa Jean I had the ultimate Drogo-feeling. 🙂 I was a strong Khal and the hot Daenerys did everything to impress me. Only with VR Porn you will have such strong emotions. WankzVR is a very good choice because of their high-quality content!


Pros and Cons of WankzVR

❤ Excellent quality

❤ Hot American babes

❤ Two new videos per week

❤ Various content (sexy parodies)

❤ Download and streaming

❤ Active forum for feedback

❤ Female POV titles

❌ No cheap 1 day trial

Wankz is a big player in the sex industry. One of their porn sites is WankzVR that was launched at the beginning of 2016. Today they are a famous VR Porn site with a very good reputation and around 100 movies! You can’t do any mistake with a membership because the content is simply perfect. Their movie “Zombie Slayers” is often referred as the best VR Porn video ever.


WankzVR: First impression

I don’t need a complicated website. The VR Porn provider must immediately make a good impression. Here I have no concerns since everything is structured. Make your own opinion with this screenshot!

The landing page is built like the sites of the other VR Porn providers. However, there is a small difference: If you click on “FemalePOV”, you will find some free Virtual Reality movies for women. This a great offer, which I have never seen before. For VR Porn in the male POV you need a subscription. Sorry, there is no other way to get the movies. You won’t regret it because there are just first-class girls!

What do you say? Bro, I can read your thoughts. Of course the chicks of WankzVR are absolutely hot! You desire these sweethearts like I do. This screenshot shows 4 of the 112 girls, maybe a few more have been added. Yes, that is a gigantic harem of sexyness. My cock feels quite embarrassed with this variety of women. Just kidding, he had sooo much fun fucking all of them! 🙂


How much content do I get?

There are around 100 PR Porn movies on WankzVR. Each week two new videos will be released, which is an average value.

Sometimes I think about how the world would be without VR Porn. No, at this sad place I never want to live! Virtual Reality is very important for me… and my cock.

It doesn’t matter, if a VR Porn site has 150 or 100 movies. Mostly the quality suffers from too many videos because a few providers produce cheap content. Fortunately, quality plays here an important role. Choosing WankzVR will be your best decision! You get clips from a lot of different categories like Anal, Threesomes or Lesbians.

There is a huge amount of full-length VR Porn! This is a big difference to other providers who have rather shorter films. WankzVR has VR Sex movies like “Thanksgiving Dinner” or “WankzVR Champagne Room” with a length of over 70 minutes. “Santa’s Wankzshop” is the ultimate VR Porn experience with 109 minutes! The fantastic content is the biggest strength of WankVR. This is the reason why I renew my membership again and again.


What’s about the quality?

The visual quality is like the content: awesome.

You get long videos (the average length must be around 40 minutes) with creative stroylines. Do you wanna play football? Nahh, let’s fuck the sexy cheerleader from the Tag Team. 🙂

At the beginning the VR Porn movies had a scale of 30fps but don’t panic. This only affects the first 23 videos. Since then, the Virtual Reality movies has been shot in excellent quality. Of course you get VR Porn videos with binaural sound, 180° FOV, 3D and 60fps. I don’t need 360° because I never look back when I have Virtual Sex. You will be more than happy with the quality of WankzVR.

The girls are young, fit and attractive. They are from America and know how to use their talents to impress you. You see lots of close-up scenes and multiple sex positions. There are famous pornstars like Alex Grey, Kristina Rose, Lily Jordan, Naomi Woods and so much more. The locations of the VR Porn varies from each other. This is very good because a hotel room will quickly get boring.


Best VR Porn players

You know that you need a subscription. WankzVR is too awesome to live without it. So become a member as fast as you can!

Done? Great! Now you need a VR Porn player to watch the movies.

You can watch WankzVR with all devices. If you don’t have a VR headset, I would recommend you a Google Cardboard. You get it for $20 or free with a BaDoinkVR subscription.

Here are the best VR Porn players:

  • Android: VR Player Free
  • iOS: Mobile VR Station
  • Oculus Rift: Virtual Desktop
  • HTC Vive: Virtual Desktop
  • Gear VR: MilkVR

The Virtual Desktop is a program that you can buy on Steam. In my opinion there is no better option to watch best VR Porn with a computer. Please remember that the download can take a few hours. Starting it before you go to work is a good idea!

WankzVR has the possibility to stream the movies. I wouldn’t recommend you to do that. You should always download the VR Porn movie because the quality is sooo much higher!


Is a subscription worth it?

After reviewing WankzVR there is only one right answer. Yes, you should subscribe immediately. I have done it und you will do it. There is no way out because best VR Porn is a new sexual experience.

Let’s take a look on the price structure:

Actually, there are reduced price for the membership plans! You should get a subscription right now because the offer can expire in every minute. I have collected the most relevant informations to save your time.

Sorry, you don’t get a cheap 1 day trial. I recommend you the 12 months subscription, it has the best price-performance ratio. Bonus: WankzVR gives you acces to 31 exklusive porn sites!!! This is included in the price of the membership. I don’t know any other VR Porn site that has such a great offer for you.


Why do I need WankzVR?

Hot talents, high-quality movies, best VR Porn. Do you still need more reasons to become a member? WankzVR offers you the sexual experience you ever wanted: How about killing some zombies with first class girls? Of course you can fulfill your dream of a sexy nurse! This porn site is a paradise for varied storylines with beautiful set designs.

My conclusion of the WankzVR review:

❤❤❤❤❤ (5/5)

This picture says more than 1,000 words. WankzVR is a real jackpot! My cock is very happy with the hot women. 🙂 He can’t get enough of watching WankzVR movies! My friends have a subscription for this provider, too. They are completely convinced and their girlfriends LOVE the VR Porn for women.

Many words were said, let’s come straight to the point. You wanna watch best VR Porn movies. Then you know, what you have to do: