VR Bangers Review

What a sweet girl! She brought some strawberries for you. Fancy a little snacking? 🙂 This scene is from the VR Porn movie “Whipped Cream COCKtail” starring Dillion Harper. Do you wanna be the guy in the video? Yes, of course because Dillion knows how to handle a cock. Virtual Reality is one of the greatest inventions of the past 10 years. Trust me: Once you have seen VR Sex there is no way back to normal porn! The sexy pornstar stays in front of you and your dick will grow up to the moon.

You can be another person in this virtual world and trust me – it’s sooo AWESOME! Everything feels real and that is the magic of VR Porn. To have this feeling you need a provider with high-quality movies. VR Bangers offers great videos and hot babes fucking like crazy!


Pros and Cons of VR Bangers

❤ Amazing quality

❤ Hot American pornstars

❤ Free VR headset

❤ 180° and 360° 4K videos

Exciting content

❤ Downloads and Streaming

❌ No cheap trial

I have sumed up all arguments which speak for or against the provider. There are a lot of reasons to watch Virtual Reality Porn on VR Bangers! They are an American company from Southern California established in 2016. At the beginning they made 2D movies but switched after a few months to 3D Porn videos. Today you can enjoy VR Porn movies with perfect storylines in best quality. I don’t like never ending yackety-yak, fortunately the actors come straight to the point.

What’s about your VR goggles? Most of the people don’t have some. VR Bangers has a great deal for you: Subscribe and you will receive a free LUX VR headset! What are you waiting for?

Featured on sites like Maxim, Penthouse or Playboy TV, VR Bangers has earned a good reputation. Furthermore, they are nominated for the XBIZ Award – it’s the Oscar of the sex industry! Let’s come back to Playboy TV: Take a look at this interesting documentation about Virtual Reality Porn.


VR Bangers: First impression

Most VR Porn sites have the same structure: At the head you find an overview of the girls and the movies, also in this case. The design is professional and good looking, you feel welcome. Enough words from me, see for yourself!

“Sweet girl, come to me!” These were my first thoughts when I saw this woman. Of course, a porn provider must have hot girls, that I will become a member. Alone this unique babe is worth a subscription! 🙂 You get two new videos per week as you see in the picture. This is wonderful and a reason to subscribe immediately! Let’s talk about sexual preferences: I LOVE big boobs and attractive faces. What are yours? Don’t worry, there are A LOT OF hot chicks on VR Bangers! I have made a screenshot of 3 mind-blowing girls:

You like them? Of course you do, everyone LOVES them!

I have good news for you:

Visit the model page to get further information. You find the babes under the menu point “Our Girls”. This is just a small preview. After joining VR Bangers you can watch all VR Porn movies!


How much content do I get?

There are around 70 videos on the platform, half of them in 360° FOV (Field-of-View). Such a high quality is not usual for VR Porn. Most of the porn sites offer Virtual Reality movies in 180°, maybe a few in 360° as a bonus. VR Bangers allows you the ultimate VR Porn experience!

I’m a lover of big boobs. So I need a VR Sex site with such movies. Luckily VR Bangers offers Virtual Reality Porn in lots of categories: You get Blowjobs, Gangbangs, Masturbation, Lesbinas… and HUGE boobs! 🙂 Bro, I’m sooo happy with VR Bangers! So glad I have a membership and you will be, too.

In addition to the VR Bangers review I have to mention that there are no search or filter options. Yes, you can see all girls and videos but not sort them. I hope that they will integrate such a button as soon as possible. Before I forget: There are a few VR Porn movies for women, too! VR Bangers is growing fast and they release 2 new VR Porn videos per week. Yes, they have a smaller library than other porn sites. However, this is no problem because they offer a much higher quality. I’m very satisfied with their content and there is no reason why you shouldn’t be.


What’s about the quality?

As I said, the quality is outstanding. I know hardly any other provider, which attaches so much importance to it. You find a huge amount of young and attractive goddesses! Most of the girls are from America but there are European chicks, too.

The set designs are great! Do you want to go in a Russian Sauna? No problem, Alex Black, Rihanna Samuel, Silvia Dellai, Sweet Cat and Tatum will take you to a little spa (sex) day. 🙂 The girls on VR Bangers are incredible hot and the camera captures them perfectly. There are VR Porn movies for different positions such as lying or sitting. A small symbol near the video tells you how you have to watch the Virtual Reality scene.

In my VR Bangers review I compared the visual quality of the providers. Some of them have problems with colors, they look washed out but not here. In my opinion VR Bangers has an excellent picture quality. Of course all VR Porn movies come with binaural sound, 3D, 60fps and at least 180° or 360° FOV. In terms of quality, there are no open wishes. So convince yourself:


Best VR Porn players

To watch VR Porn you need the right player. I have tested all available players that you can enjoy the best Virtual Reality feeling! Here is the list of my recommended VR Porn players:

  • Oculus Rift / HTC Vive: Whirligig OR Firefox Nightly + WebVR addon
  • Android: FreeVRPlayer
  • iOS: FreeVRPlayer
  • Samsung Gear VR: MilkVR

Kenzie Taylor from the movie “Agent Dick” has helped me with this list. Reviewing VR Bangers is really hard, when a girl like her watches over your shoulder. She is a real tough agent who doesn’t understand jokes. As a punish she will shoot in your cock. Haha I’m just kidding! Of course she will give you the best blowjob you ever had. So download the right player and start watching Virtual Reality Porn right now!


Is a subscription worth it?

Without being a member on VR Bangers I couldn’t sleep well. VR Porn is awesome and you won’t regret it. Have you subscribed yet? Get it done immediately!

This is a section of the current deals. I made a small screenshot for you. For further details please visit the offical VR Bangers site. If I were you, I would choose the 1 year membership. It has the best price compared to the services. You get a free LUX VR Headset and save a lot of money. Wow, what a GREAT deal! Sorry, there is no cheap trial like on other VR Porn sites. However, you don’t need it because there is a 1-minute-preview of each VR Porn movie.

Yes, you should get a membership as fast as you can. I don’t how long you can benefit from the reduced prices. Thank me later for this wonderful advice.


Why do I need VR Bangers?

What if I tell you, that you miss the best sexual experience of your life? Virtual Reality is more than a trend like Pokémon GO. It’s a new way of watching porn: All of my friends aren’t interested in normal porn anymore after I have shown them some VR Sex movies. You need VR Bangers to get this mind-blowing experience! Become a member, select a hot chick and start spanking the monkey! 🙂

This is the conclusion of my VR Bangers review:

❤❤❤❤❤ (4,8/5)

There is a lot of high-quality, 360° Virtual Reality Porn on VR Bangers! This provider is the perfect choice, if you want adorable chicks and awesome storylines. For lovers of the female POV there are a few movies, too.

So don’t wait and fulfill your sexual dreams. I took this step and I FEEL GREAT! Again and again I would subscribe on VR Bangers.