VirtualRealPorn Review

Oh no! Katrin Tequila got bad marks at math and you have to give her a lesson. Of course you do that because you’re one of the good guys… WAIT! You only want sex with her and this is no problem: She will do everything to get better marks. 🙂 However, this time with VR Porn it will be a completely new experience for you! Do you wanna know why? Virtual Reality allows you an intense sexual experience

Some friends told me that they never had such good sex with their girlfriends. It’s like you are the male actor and the feeling is FREAKIN’ GOOD. Yes, the hot chick presses her pussy on your cock and you think, that this happens in real life! You’re just a step away from VR Porn right now. All you need is a subscription on VirtualRealPorn. In my review I will tell you my experience about this VR Sex provider!


Pros and Cons of VirtualRealPorn

❤ Fantastic quality

❤ Desirable pornstars

❤ Compatible with sex toys (teledildonics) from Kiiro and Lovense

❤ Trial for 1,95 Euro!!!

❤ Varied storylines like a Star Wars or a Game of Thrones parody

❤ One of the biggest collections: Around 180 VR Porn movies and 2 videos per week

❤ Free VR Goggles

❌ Extra page for Gay and Trans

Reviewing VirtualRealPorn is very important to me because it was the first VR Porn site! After the release in early 2014 they made VR Porn popular and for that we all must say thank you to this company. Today they are the second largest VR Sex provider in the world. As you can imagine, VirtualRealPorn knows how to shoot the perfect VR Porn movie. The long-term experience speaks clearly for this provider.

If you join fast there is a free VR headset waiting for you! You only have to pay with Verotel to get this limited offer. Sooo… what are you waiting for?


VirtualRealPorn: First impression

Everything counts in a first impression but especially the design of a VR Porn site. Hello my beauty, what’s your name?

VirtualRealPorn convinces me with a professional website… and this hot girl. 🙂 There is a slider with the newest VR Porn movies they offer. You can click on “Videos” to see an overview of all videos. If you want some informations about the models, you choose a movie and then select the pornstar.

Left of us is an example for a model page. You see all important infos you wanna know. Yes, you can hardly read them, but that doesn’t matter. However, I want to show how AWESOME this girl is! Let’s be honest: We want to fuck a attractive babe and don’t talk about boring things. By the way her name is Anissa Kate and she has won a mountain of prizes.

Have you ever heard about the AVN Award? It’s a renowned movie award in the sex industrie. She got this prize in the category “Best new foreign performer”. VirtualRealPorn has earned a lot of awards, which prove the high quality of the provider.

If I were you, I would not let the sweethearts wait. 🙂


How much content do I get?

Over 180 VR Porn movies – that’s a statement! You get a lot of content on VirtualRealPorn in different categories. They have famous pornstars like Cherry Kiss, Gina Gerson or Misha Cross. It’s very important that you choose a professional VR Porn site: There is a huge difference between amateur and experienced pornstars – the way she moves and her charisma. VirtualRealPorn has professional girls under contract, so you must get a subscription! Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Compared to other sites there is no Gay or Trans Porn because the provider has other VR websites for that. Take a look, if you like such stuff! Each site has around 25-30 VR Porn movies. Here they are:

Otherwise you make a subscription on the VirtualRealPorn site, where you find heterosexual couples, Gangbangs, Threesomes and much more. Most of them are from the male POV (Point-of-View). Week for week two new VR Porn videos will be released. However, there are a few sites that offer only one weekly movie. Therefore, you can be absolutely satisfied with VirtualRealPorn.

You never have seen a VR Porn video? Then VirtualRealPorn is the best choice because you get so much content that your cock will explode! Yeah, there are movies for MONTHS!

I’m very happy with this porn provider and you will be, too. My girlfriend loves to watch VR Porn movies from the female POV. This is the magic of Virtual Reality: Everyone gets the stuff which they desire. For women there is a special VR Porn site called VirtualRealPassion:

All pages have the same structure as the main page. I recommend you to make a trial, if you’re not sure about these special VR Porn sites. It’s cheap and you can watch all sex movies!


What’s about the quality?

The camera is close to the action and shows every detail of the scene. I love it to see her boobies shaking right near my face. 🙂 Based on their experience, VirtualRealPorn has continuously increased the quality. The scale feels like she stands in front of you.

“Winter is Cuming” starring Rachele Richey is an example of a great VR Porn movie! It has a wonderful storyline because everyone loves Game of Thrones. VirtualRealPorn works with the latest technology: The colors are bright and sharp, they don’t look washed out like on other sites. Most of the girls come from Europe but the are just as talented as American actresses. The videos have a length of 20 to 40 minutes with an average length of 25 minutes.

Some of the sweethearts have a cute accent. The models are very attractive and they know how to handle a cock.


Best VR Porn players

“Hello my name is Rachele Richey and I want to bake a cake for you!” What a sweet girl! You can watch her on all devices as well as the other VR Porn movies of VirtualRealPorn. It doesn’t matter if you use Cardboard, Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

This provider has its own player, the VirtualRealPlayer. You can download this tool on their website for free. It works fine and don’t make any problems. However, I also tried other players and here are my favorites: For Android users I recommend AAA VR Cinema, for iOS the Homido Player. If you own an Oculus Rift or a HTC Vive, Whirligig is your best choice. Samsung Gear VR works fine with MilkVR. However, as I said, the VirtualRealPlayer is the easiest solution.


Is a subscription worth it?

Give me a second… you still have no subscription? Are you kidding me? Of course you will get a membership on VirtualRealPorn because there is no better porn provider!

The subscription is quite cheap: You get it from 1,95 Euro as a Trial! But I recommend you to choose the yearly membership because you save lots of money. If you pay for a year that costs only 89,95 Euro. In my opinion this is the best price-performance ratio of all VR Porn providers!

On the one hand you have the perfect price, on the other hand there are these hot girls! We both know, why you need this membership: You can’t live without them anymore and that’s okay. I’m just like you because I watch VR Porn every day. Don’t be shy and get a subscription as fast as you can – or do you want to make Nomi Melone (the girl in the picture) sad? 🙂 Just kidding, of course you subscribe due to the lovely babes, the fair prices and the high-quality movies.


Why do I need VirtualRealPorn?

Reviewing a porn site is hard work. I have to compare a provider with the others and be every time objective. My hidden secret: I LOVE big boobs but there are guys who are booty lovers. When I write a Virtual Reality Porn review, I have all preferences in mind.

VirtualRealPorn is a paradise for lovers of heterosexual couples, Anal, Blowjobs, Gangbangs and Lesbians. Most of the actresses are from Europe, though also American pornstars like Rachele Richey. If you wanna see Gay and Trans, you need special subscriptions. Most of the movies have 60 FPS (Frames-per-Second), 180° FOV (Field-of-View), stereoscopic 3D and Binaural Sound. You get a few videos from the female POV, too. There are some 360 degree VR Porn movies but you don’t need this technique. When you watch porn, how often do you look behind your head?

This is the conclusion of my VirtualRealPorn review:

❤❤❤❤❤ (4,8/5)

Imagine you have a free wish. What could it be? I would take a membership on VirtualRealPorn! 🙂 All my dreams were fulfilled there! Yes, I felt so happy like Potro de Bilbao in this photo.

I know that you are a smart person: So take your chance and…