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Virtual Reality sex has taken porn consumers by storm. The developments over the last couple of years and the way various content developers and consumers have accepted it has only accelerated the innovation curve. Keeping in line with developments in VR headsets, VR sex toys has also taken quantum leaps from traditional sex toys, introducing – Kiiroo sex toys. Kiiroo, a company based in Amsterdam, leads the way in innovating ‘teledildonics’.


Keeping in line with developments in VR headsets, VR sex toys has also taken quantum leaps from traditional sex toys. Kiiroo, a company based in Amsterdam, leads the way in innovating ‘teledildonics’.

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Sex toys have changed drastically from being a non-responsive piece of plastic to conveying the exact touch sensations of your partner who is far away from you. Today, sex toys come in various shapes and sizes and are a multi-billion-dollar worldwide industry. In fact, accessories to sex toys itself is a multi-million-dollar industry.


Buoyed by the emerging acceptance of Virtual Reality sex, sex toys companies have been innovating to keep pace and provide more than just a visual pleasure to porn consumers worldwide. Leading the way is Kiiroo, with its innovative product lines, that are satisfying males and females around the world, simultaneously! Imagine that! 😉

What is Kiiroo?

Kiiroo is the pioneer in interactive virtual sex toys. The company started operations in 2013 and has since then elevated themselves to the position of a market leader in ‘sex tech’. Kiiroo sex toys have led VR content developers such as BadoinkVR creating VR porn videos around the Kiiroo sex toys. This helps VR porn enthusiasts interact and enjoy the scenes in a completely new way.


Its product launches have been eagerly anticipated and with the likes of big VR content houses picking up their product lines to use in their videos, it doesn’t seem far when virtual reality sex will literally allow enthusiasts to experience sex with their favorite pornstar, straight from the comfort of their bed.

Currently, Kiiroo has 3 main product lines – Onyx, Fleshlight Launch and Pearl.

Kiiroo Sex Toys and VR Porn

Let’s take a look at Kiiroo products and how they work with VR porn –

Kiiroo Fleshlight Launch

The Kiiroo Fleshlight Launch had been touted as your companion to have sex remotely with your partner. However, the Launch has been used in more ways than just the traditional sex with your long-distance partner. The FeelMe platform helps porn enthusiast to watch, feel and orgasm with interactive videos on the FeelMe platform, like never before.


The Fleshlight Launch looks elegant and classy and it can hardly be judged as a sex toy, if someone does not know beforehand. The package comes with the Fleshlight Launch, a USB charging cable and the warranty card. The toy parries seamlessly with other Kiiroo products like the Kiiroo Onyx and Kiiroo Pearl, which are covered in the later part of this article.

It almost looks non-erotic until you are seduced by the idea of fapping on ‘auto’ and feeling the sensations from your FeelMe sex video. Not only, 2D porn videos, the FeelMe platform also showcases VR porn, games and best of all, live webcams.


Personally, it’s seems like an experience out of this world, when you can see a sexy, hot model on your computer screen jacking you off from another part of the world. The Launch has definitely changes how sex entertainment had been experienced.

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The Launch is best used with a VR headset and a VR porn content, as that provides the more satisfying experience. The ability to virtually be in another world with a woman of your dreams and have fantastical sex is hardly one to shrug at.

Kiiroo Onyx

As mentioned previously, the Kiiroo Onyx is a male masturbator like the Launch. It is again a very elegant product by Kiiroo. It looks and feels very beautiful and smooth. The silicone surface does not feel plastic and evidences the build quality and the standard of materials used. It is recommended that before using the Onyx and the Launch, generous amounts of lube is used to minimise any chance of bruising.


Like the Launch, the Onyx is interactive in nature and mimics the sensations passed on to it by the Pearl. It is usually less expensive than the Launch, but at the same time, it’s less sophisticated as well.

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It can pair and connect with VR videos as well. Imagine the pleasure, when you see and feel, your favorite pornstar riding your penis and you can actually feel how the inside of her vagina feels on your penis. Get that Onyx now, connect with FeelMe and start fapping to that porn goddess you so wish to fuck!


Based on a sexperiment conducted by BadoinkVR in 2015, it was understood, that the Onyx only mimics the sensations it receives from the Pearl but cannot pass on its vibrations to be conveyed by the Pearl to its user. As a result, Kiiroo was deep in development of an inter-receptive sex toy that conveys the movements of the male penis to the female masturbator sex toys as well.

Kiiroo Pearl

Kiiroo Pearl, is the female masturbator. Unlike, generally vulgar looking dildos, the Pearl looks like a work of art and especially feels so (so I have been told :D) when used in your moment of extreme pleasure.


After some sensational development, the Kiiroo worked on making it a two-way interactive device. Meaning, that not only can it convey the movements and sensations produced on it by the female touch, but it can press the sensations passed onto it by the Onyx or the Launch from the male penis as well. Isn’t that the ultimate masturbator?

piper perri facesitting hologirls scene

Imagine, the VR scene, when you are on the bed with the hottest pornstar and you can not only feel her vagina pulsing on your throbbing member, but you can now show them that you can fuck better that any male model she has had! I remember my first VR experience. A model was using the Pearl, while I was in the Onyx. Not only could I feel my penis pulsing inside her vagina, but her expressions and sounds made me feel that there was no one better she had had (of course, I know that might not be true! But, what the hell!….).


What are you waiting for?…

For those, looking to try out your first Kiiroo, you can start out with the Onyx (if you are a guy). For girls, unfortunately, the Pearl is the only option available right now. But hey, when there’s something so perfect, why do you need another option. If you still want a few more options, check out full post on best VR sex toys in 2017 here.

Ride your Porn Goddess, NOW!

After you receive it, remember to link it to the website and register your product. Off you go then to the FeelMe platform or may be, try Virtual Real Porn’s efforts in creating whole new VR porn scenes around Kiiroo sex toys. The experience is even better if you have an Oculus Rift or an HTC Vive to pair it with. The all round visual and sexual experience is something you have never experienced before and that is something, I can vouch for!

Remember the Kiiroo products are pairable with VR headsets and interact with VR scenes as well.

Use the buttons on this page and take advantage of special deals on Kiiroo sex toys, including the Launch. Bring home your first Kiiroo and enjoy sex, like only in your dreams.


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