HoloGirlsVR Review

Yeah, you want this hot girl. I had her in my bed… with my VR glasses. This scene is taken from the HoloGirlsVR video “Karma-Sutra” starring Karmen Karma. It has the highest rating of all movies from that VR sex provider. The reason is clear: Karmen knows how to handle your dick. I’m talking about my own experiences with her! 🙂 If you fuck her virtual “I” it’s like you’re the guy in that movie! After that you will never watch normal porn again because Virtual Reality sex is sooo AWESOME! You want this ultimate erotic experience right now? HoloGirls VR offers you the best start into the world of VR Pornos!


Pros and Cons of HoloGirlsVR

I have summarized the most important arguments if you don’t like to read the whole HoloGirls VR review. Check them out:

❤ Hot pornstars

❤ Excellent quality

❤ Free VR headset!!!

❤ Great storylines

❤ Female POV, Orgy Porn, etc. – lots of categories

❤ 2 videos per week

❌ Not the cheapest VR Porn site

These points speak a clear message – you have more than enough reasons to join HoloGirlsVR! Before I will start with the review, I want to tell you some facts about this porn site. The company behind the studio is named HoloFilm Production, a professionell company for everthing around the Virtual Reality. They know how to make a perfect movie and that you can see in their VR Porn videos. Brian Shuster, also the CEO of Red Light Center, is the founder of HoloGirls VR. From the beginning, the company was managed by a VR specialist.

HoloGirlsVR offers you a free VR headset, the high-quality VR Box 2! With a value of $50 this is one of the best free glasses you can get. So don’t wait too long because it’s a…

Certainly you’ve heard about the Oscar. Of course there is a similar competition in the sex industry, the XBIZ Award show. HoloGirlsVR is nominated in the category “Adult Site of the Year: Virtual Reality”. Furthermore they have good chances to win a prize for the “Best VR Scene” with the movies “Cum in the new House”, “Poke A Ho: Misty” and “Party of Sex”. This is a great quality proof and another reason for a membership!


HoloGirlsVR: First impression

The sex provider welcomes you how it has to be – with first class pornstars! There are no open questions because the design is pretty clear. In the menu you will find the point “Girls” including an overview of all sex goddesses. You desire these girls like I do, that is nothing to be ashamed of. I like to be surprised but I had bad presents. Do you have a granny who gives you socks as a gift, too? Then you know what I mean. I want the hottest girls on earth and I get them on HoloGirlsVR! Look at these HORNY CHICKS, hell yeah!

WOW, they’re too hot for me. I can’t close my mouth anymore!

Bro, please help me with these first class chicks. 🙂

Every girl has a rating and you can sort the sweethearts by the number of the stars. If you click on the model page you get further information like her height or her measurements. I LOVE to compare the girls to each other! To watch a VR Porn movie you have to join HoloGirls VR. Believe me this will be the best choice in your life! Because the girls are awesome, you will never regret the membership. You can ask my dick, if you don’t trust my words.


How much content do I get?

Over 120 VR Porn movies are waiting for you! How long do you need to watch this huge mountain of movies? Maybe a few months? But don’t forget that HoloGirlsVR releases two videos per week! While you are enjoying a movie, a new one is available. The porn provider has one of the biggest video libraries of all VR Porn sites.

I had a challenge with a friend: Who can watch VR Porn for the longest period of time? We started after the breakfast at 10 am with the sexy blonde Luna Star. My friend gave up after 7 hours – what a loser. We saw only a small part of all available films on HoloGirlsVR. I’m the VR Porn king right now!

Everyone needs the right porn. You like a tasty ass and I can’t live without big boobs. Fortunately, there are a lot of different categories on HoloGirlsVR. For example, you find Blowjob and Facesitting videos or female POV (Point-of-View) movies. All hair colors are represented.

There is no sort button for the category, but you can type in the name of your fetish. I have recommended this site to my friends and everyone has found the right porn that satisfies his needs.


What’s about the quality?

There must be enough VR Porn movies to watch. In addition, the quality must also be right. HoloGirls VR became famous for 220° or 360° in VR Porn videos. What is the benefit? If you are sitting on a chair or lying in bed, you do not have to look backwards. You want to focus on the actress before you. Maybe you look to the side to check the surroundings. I do this sometimes and for this reason HoloGirlsVR is the best provider for me! There are no black spots in the field of view, as the edge goes a little farther back. This is the magic of the 220° FOV (Field-of-View). About 360° VR Porn I have nothing to say because the quality is simply perfect.

HoloGirlsVR works with attractive talents as you can see in this picture. DAMN, they are freaking HOT! At the beginning the quality of Virtual Reality Porn was mediocre but since the last months it’s AWESOME. Huge improvements were made in the eye contact and close scale. Now I can recommend HoloGirlsVR without hesitation. Let’s come to the important things in life: Do you want to fuck this angel, too?


Best VR Porn players

The VR Porn is compatible with every device. It makes no difference whether you use Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR or Oculus Rift: There are good apps for each device! Here come my instructions how to play a movie: If you use a Cardboard, you should download the free “VR Player” (Android). As an iPhone user you take the app “Mobile VR Station” (iOS). For a Samsung Gear VR you download MilkVR. On Oculus Rift you have the choice between K-Lite and Whirligig. Both VR players work fine with HoloGirlsVR movies.

Try out my favorites and tell me, if there are better VR Porn players. I will update this list as soon as I find a new player.


Is a subscription worth it?

Already Penny Pax in “Poke A Ho: Misty” would be worth a membership! What are you waiting for? I’m sorry but the girls won’t ring your door bell.

Obviously, you have no choice: You must be a member of HoloGirlsVR!

I have made a screenshot for you that shows the possible options. As a VR Porn expert, I would recommend the 1-month-package. $19.99 is not very expensive and you can download best VR sex! Other porn sites want $25 or more for a 1-month-membership. So take your chance because I don’t know how long you will get this price.

Sly foxes book the 12-month-membership. Here you can save $60 that is a lot of money. If I were you, I would choose this offer.


Why do I need HoloGirls VR?

What a stupid question. Because HoloGirlsVR is totally awesome! You got high-quality VR Porn with 220° or 360° FOV. The babes are real sex queens and they know, what they do. I give a small deduction for the storylines of the few first videos. In addition, this provider has a very special extra: You get free access to the virtual world “Red Light Center 2”!

This is the conclusion of my HoloGirls VR review:

❤❤❤❤❤ (4,8/5)

Thank you for reading my review! Do you want to laugh? Everybody wants that! 🙂 As a reward I have a very funny video about a guy watching Virtual Reality in public for you.

Reviewing HoloGirls VR was very pleasant as it is a reputable provider. The company offers excellent VR Porn with varied storylines. I have no doubts to say to my best friend: “Bro, you must have a HoloGirlsVR membership!” And he will thank me for this great tip.

Do you want to talk ooor… you can finish this thought yourself. Of course you want to fuck! I won’t stop you any longer. Here we go: