Best VR Sex Toys

In today’s post, we will cover a countdown of the best VR sex toys currently available. Virtual reality has progressed so far that in order to have sex with someone, you don’t need to have her or him in the same room even. It’s made easier by the products of some trailblazing companies, whose products let you feel the passion and the electricity (in some cases, quite literally) even though you are miles away from your partner.

What makes these innovations even more tempting is that it creates an opportunity for those who do not have a partner, to have sex as well (now you’re interested isn’t it?!). Now you can have sex and enjoy the touch of the porn goddess that you have worshipped in your dreams. Or maybe even the big titted hentai that you have long wished was human?

Top 3 Best VR Sex Toys

The best VR sex toys in the world right now are here as below:

#3: Lovense Max

The Max is the amazing new male masturbator from Lovense. It provides the special function of having your cock feel the exact movements of a tight young pussy.


Now, you can have your orgasm just like in a real sex scenario. Best yet, you can have it with your favorite pornstar. Wondering how? Just strap on your VR headset and get onto the Virtual Real Porn website. Connect with the Virtual Real Player and find the best content that parries with your Lovense Max.

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Enjoy as your porn goddess makes you feel the luckiest man alive and takes care of all your needs!

The Max has been made with exclusive materials that are anti-bacterial and easily washable. There are two types of vibrations created inside the Max, one from the side and another from the bottom.

These two vibrations together, mimic the sensations inside a woman’s pussy and deliver sex on demand for you!

#2: Kiiroo Onyx 2

Blazing across the VR sex toys industry is Kiiroo, with its revolutionary new products. The company established in 2013, has since then released a few products that guarantee sex as an experience like never before. We have a whole post on Kiiroo sex toys for VR covered here.


The Onyx is a special male masturbator that provides the same sensation as a real vagina. The internal sleeve of the Onyx is made of anti-bacterial silicone that feels just like the real thing. In addition, the grooves inside the sleeves create the sensation of grinding it inside a real pussy.


One word of advice though, please make sure that you use generous amounts of lube before you try it out. This is an interactive vr sex toy, which means that it can pair and interact with another VR media or toy.

Checkout Kiiroo Onyx!

That’s why you can now get on the FeelMe platform to find your favorite virtual reality sex game or video and enjoy it with the Onyx. The way it works is, the Onyx will pair with either the vr content or the vr toy (Kiiroo Pearl) that is being used in the video and automatically mimic the sensations recorded from the female counterpart.

So why wait? Get that Onyx now, connect with FeelMe and start fapping to that porn goddess you so wish to fuck!

#1: Kiiroo Fleshlight Launch

The Kiiroo Launch is an exclusive male masturbator that delivers in so many aspects. It looks beautiful so when you’re ordering it or receiving it, there’s no one who can doubt your motives.

The Launch is an automatic masturbator, which means, you don’t need to move a muscle. No more tennis elbow from all that jacking off. You just fit your dick into it, tune into your content, put on your vr headset and you are set.

Get Kiiroo Launch!

It collaborates with the FeelMe platform, meaning you can actually fuck your favorite pornstar whenever and wherever you want. Though, it would be courteous that you carry out your amorous activities inside your bedroom.

The Launch also connects with the Pearl and can help you have sex with your loved one even though she is miles away from you. All she has to do is use the Pearl and you can feel her exact sensations inside the Launch and feel exactly how you would do if you were fucking her!

#Special Mention: Lovense Hush

Dildos have been around for a long time. Ever since human being’s fascination with buttholes and sodomy, so have anal plugs. But this is the first time, you can now actually buy an anal vibrator.


Lovense brings you the world’s first anal vibrator and its affectionately called, the Hush. Hush comes in two sizes, specifically to match the interests and the level of expertise one has with butt plugs. What makes this so very special, is that it comes with the special Lovense touch of technology. You can actually select and control your level pleasure and the duration.

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Not only that, that you can have your ass drilled on the auto. You can control the level and degree of vibration and be working or out in public and still everything would seem normal. So, explore your dirty kinky side with the Hush. Just hook up the product with the Lovense app and off you go to enjoy the best anal pleasure of your life. Best of all, it’s gender neutral 😉

As mentioned before, this does not form a part of any interactive virtual reality pairing and hence, even though a terrific, is still just a special mention.

Lovense Nora

The Lovense Nora is part of our top 5 countdowns and ranks at number 2. The reason for it being that apart from the normal movements that teledildonics have been coming up with, the Nora has special levels of movement and control


There are two types of movements that emanate from the Nora – rotating head and vibration. The rotating head gives an extra edge to movements inside the vagina and increases quality and quantity of orgasms. It stimulates the g-spot and makes sure that your pleasure knows no bounds. The rotating head speed can be controlled in 3 levels – slow, medium and fast.


The vibration is emanated from the smaller arm of the dildo. The vibration adds an extra layer of sensation to the external organs of the vagina. The vibration is powered by a powerful motor that ensures a wholesome and satisfying experience.

The Nora is an extremely powerful and orgasmic device that can be connected to the Lovense app on your smartphone via Bluetooth. The app lets you control both the movements and pace your session just the way you want it.

Get Lovense Nora!

If you want to put on a show for your partner, why not let him control your pleasure, while you surrender yourself to his (or her) wishes 😉.

What makes it even kinkier is that it can be controlled remotely by your loved one and can even convey the sensations of your vagina to the Lovense Max. This creates a special bond where you can feel the exact movements of your partner and he can feel the same from your Nora.

Lovense Lush

Now, if you thought, the Hush was kinky, wait till you try out the Lush. The Hush and the Lush has a few similarities. Both are standalone devices and do not pair with any other virtual reality products. Both can be paired via Bluetooth to the Lovense app on your smartphone and turned into a smart vibrator. Check out our full profile of Lovense VR sex toys here.


But the similarity ends there! The experience is totally different since Lush is for your vagina. The Lush is the ‘most powerful Bluetooth remote controlled vibrator’ in the world. It’s longer arm is made to please your pleasure centres inside your vagina, while the shorter arm triggers and massages your clitoris to give you the most ecstatic climax.

Buy Lovense Lush Here!

It’s the first of its kind that can be controlled from your smartphone and even play in tune with your favorite song. Now, ‘sex track’ has a whole new meaning! Grind and writhe to the tune of your liking.

Best yet, it is small, discreet and will relieve you of all your stress and drown you in pleasure, where and whenever you want it!


Today, the Launch is as close as you can get to having actual virtual sex. You can link up with your VR, or your partner, and your sex menu for the night is ready!

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