BaDoinkVR Review

You like this VR Porn scene, too? It’s from the BaDoinkVR movie “Afternoon Delight” starring Katie Morgan. Virtual Reality is so much more than “normal” porn! You feel like you’re the guy in this movie – and it’s DAMN GOOD. Best Virtual Reality Porn is a new era in the sex industry. In this new world you can slip into any role you want. For that you need a VR Porn site: BaDoinkVR is a very good choice!

Pros and Cons of BaDoinkVR

❤ Fabulous quality

❤ Very fast download

❤ 2 new releases per week

❤ Trial for 1$!!!

❤ Female POV titles

❤ Creative sex scenes

This is a brief list of my experiences with this porn site. As you can see there are a lot of reasons to join BaDoink VR! The most important facts of this porn site: After the release in mid 2015 they gained a huge popularity because of their VR headset campaign. The Oculus Rift costs 600 Dollar or more – too much money. So BaDoinkVR gave away 10.000 Google Cardboard to their users. You can still get a free VR headset because the promotion was a complete success. It’s currently available with all subscriptions, barring the one-day trial. Be fast to get your free Google Cardboard!

Did you know that there is an award for innovative products in the sex industry? It’s called the XBIZ Award show and BaDoinkVR has won 2016 the first prize in the category “Adult Site of the Year: Virtual Reality”. That’s a great honor for this VR porn site. Let’s move on to my detailed BaDoinkVR review!

BaDoinkVR: First impression

I don’t want to search long for VR Porn. A website has to be clear and straight to the point. I want to have Virtual Reality Sex!

This is the landing page of BaDoink VR. I LOVE it because you get all information you need – and a hot sex queen as a bonus. Can life be better? The design of the site is very good and there is a profile for each porn star. There are over 220 models on BaDoinkVR, that’s a lot of content to watch. You can find the overview of the hot chicks under the point “Girls”.

Damn, these girls are HOT!

The model pages show you what you get after joining this porn site. Of course you will do that because there are AWESOME chicks! From the technical view there are no concerns. The download speed is really fast, I have nothing to complain about.

How much content do I get?

I have counted over 300 videos on BaDoinkVR, as of the time of writing this article. That’s a huge amount of content! Week over week one new VR Porn movie will be released.

Nearly every night I watch VR Porn movies. BaDoinkVR offers me a lot of videos: Yeah, I really LOVE their content. Approved by my dick.

Other sites have a higher quanity of new Virtual Reality Porn movies. Instead of one video they have two scenes per week. If BaDoinkVR will increase their release rate, they will be the perfect VR Porn site! For a new customer like you there is enough content. You can watch 24/7 VR Porn videos for a loooong time. Believe me, your dick will explode – because of the hot girls! Just kidding, but seriously: I’m very happy with BaDoinkVR and so you will be.

You can sort the movies after the categories: For example there are Anal, Blowjob, Doggystyle, Female POV and Lesbian videos. Reviewing VR Porn is not easy, I had sooo many sexy movies to watch. Nothing to thank, it was a pleasure to do it for you! 🙂

What’s about the quality?

The target group of BaDoinkVR are men. And what do we like? Of course young and wonderful sex goddesses! At the beginning the company has chosen European girls for their movies. Lately more and more American talents became part of this platform.

Three young girls… and YOU! Why not have so many goddesses in bed? As you can see the movies are creative and the models show their erotic talents. Good news: You don’t have to listen to long dialogues that is VERY good. I fall asleep when the actors talk, talk and talk. Every movie has a unique storyline for you – the length is perfect! BaDoink VR is filming at beautiful locations like hotel rooms or swimming pools. Maybe it’s not a real hotel room but I don’t know because the set designs are made with love. 🙂

Best VR Porn players

Most of the VR Porn videos have 180º FOV (Field-of-View), 60fps and binaural sound. This is the standard in the sex industry and I will update the review, when there will be changes. As of now, BaDoinkVR shoots in 4K resolution. BaDoinkVR works with this settings, too. Therefore you can enjoy the ultimate Virtual Reality feeling! In addition you need a good VR Porn player to get the most excellent picture quality.

First of all the VR Porn movies are compatible with HTC Vive, Gear VR, PlaystationVR, Oculus Rift, Daydream View and all Smartphones. BaDoinkVR has done a great job on technical points. Let us come to the VR Porn player, where we will start with their own app, the “Free Virtual Player”. Maybe it’s not the best solution because this app has received negative criticism. But you don’t have to pay for this player, so try out! I recommend you to start with the “Free Virtual Player” from BaDoink VR. If you don’t like this free solution, you should use the apps “AAA VR Cinema” (Android) or “Mobile VR Station” (iOS).

For the computer you download the “Virtual Desktop” that is available on Steam. As soon as there will be an better app, I will update that list of players.

Is a subscription worth it?

Whaaat? You haven’t subscribed yet! Change it right now and…

Of course you should get a membership on this porn site. Do you want to hear the most important reason? Yes, you want to girls. But I have another very interesting offer for you.

This is the best trial I have ever seen – and I’m an VR Porn expert. As you know, I have written reviews about the best VR Porn sites. Personally I would recommend you the 1-year-subscription because it has the perfect price-performance ratio. Since the time I got the BaDoinkVR membership, I can’t live without it anymore. You SAVE a lot of money, if you choose a long-term subscription. Please remember that every week a new video will be released. Fresh content for you… and your dick.

Why do I need BaDoink VR?

BaDoink VR is cheap and has a lot of hot talents. Furthermore they offer both 180 and 360 degree Virtual Reality movies. Do you want the feeling of a gangbang? No problem, take 360° VR Porn from BaDoinkVR and you will have this experience!

This is the conclusion of my BaDoinkVR review:

❤❤❤❤❤ (5/5)

I gave this porn site the highest rating! BaDoinkVR convinced me completely and I would recommend it to my closest friends. The 1$ trial is fantastic and you get a free VR headset.

Of course I could watch their movies all day long because this company offers best VR Porn. You saw in this video that BaDoinkVR tries hard for the top result. Furthermore the VR sex provider scores with high-quality videos and lots of different categories, even female POV is included.

Enough of this boring talking. You know why you have read the BaDoinkVR review and I, too. Sooo… you want these amazing girls? Then you know what you have to do: